Interdisciplinarity in Living Labs, for a better Innovative Co- creation


  • Hend MEJRI Université de Tunis El manar
  • Samia KAROUI ZOUAOUI Université de Tunis El manar


Living Lab, configuration, Co-creation, Innovation 4.0, interdisciplinarity, qualitative research


The advent of the new innovation generation of 4.0 has been accompanied by a shift in the workplace. A new form of work has emerged which is based on collaboration between the different members of the ecosystem. It also emphasizes openness to the outside world. This form is applied in local collaboration platforms recognized by the Co-working spaces. I In this paper we will study the Living Labs and their role in the collaborative creation of innovations. A unique embedded case study is conducted in an innovation Living Lab hosted in Tunisia with nine international collaborators. The results of this qualitative study show that Living Labs need to be configured in a way that facilitates open interaction, sharing and collaborative creation of innovations. Similarly, through the analysis of the interviews with the collaborators we deduce the emergence of the concept of interdisciplinarity as a determining variable of innovative co- creation in the Living Labs.


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MEJRI , H. and KAROUI ZOUAOUI , S. 2023. Interdisciplinarity in Living Labs, for a better Innovative Co- creation. Revue Internationale des Sciences de Gestion. 6, 2 (May 2023).