Study of the impact of the value of co-creation on consumer satisfaction and loyalty


  • Bouchra BENCHEKROUN Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
  • Malika SOULAMI Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah


Co-création, Fidélité, Satisfaction, Innovation collaborative, création de valeur


Faced with the emergence of a new generation of increasingly volatile customers, the majority of the companies try to ensure their perennity by acclimatizing themselves with the current environment and that by integrating various practices in order to put the customer at the heart of any reflexion.

Among these practices is co-creation. Indeed, Co-creation becomes a real tool allowing the company to forge a strong relationship with customers and produce offers that respond pertinently to their needs in order to satisfy them and build loyalty.
This new trend is a participative marketing strategy, its objective is to make sure that the customer is at the heart of the creation and ideation project, he is given the opportunity to give his opinion and share his ideas.

This practice has many advantages for the organizations that apply it but also for the customer who is at the center of the reflection.
The present article, based on a review of the literature, will focus on a better understanding of co-creation, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and finally, based on a quantitative study involving a sample of 225 people with very specific characteristics, will study the impact of co- creation on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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BENCHEKROUN , B. and SOULAMI , M. 2021. Study of the impact of the value of co-creation on consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Revue Internationale des Sciences de Gestion. 4, 4 (Oct. 2021).